Here's the fabulous little Clip Cable Dual Charger – the world's smallest and most convenient cable for charging and syncing your phone and transferring data.

It's called the Dual Charger because it works with BOTH Lightning and Micro USB connectors! Super easy to use, just plug the USB into a power source, the other end into your phone and you're ready to transfer your data or charge up your phone.

It transfers power and data as fast as your computer or battery pack, and its magnetic clasp keeps it folded, firmly in place and out of the way when not in use.

Small, Simple, Convenient and Affordable.

Safe, magnetic closure gives you 'snap and go'

Full power charge and data transfer


Little Chargers Ready for Big Jobs

Here's our other great product – the Swap Charger Power Transfer!


The Swap Charger takes power from other phones!

Mobile devices are all around us, and every device is a potential power source.

The Swap Charger comes in two versions – one with a microUSB on each end, (Android), and one with a microUSB on one end and a Lightning connector on the other (Apple).

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